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"There's nothing more terrifying than being stuck somewhere with nothing to read."

Amen, brother.

Somewhere, probably in a box at the back of a cupboard, I have a cassette single by the band Therapy? from sometime in the mid nineties I guess when:

a) singles came on tapes
b) people liked Therapy?

Anyway, the gimmick was that it was shaped like a cigarette box. I believe there were even 'cigarette card' style photos of the band.

Rather than fitting just 4 songs in a cigarette box, we can now fit thousands in there with room to spare for cigarettes...

Damn - They look great, and I' do that terribly male thing of buying two, one to read and open and marvel over and one to save in it's virgin state. I never understand why everyone who sells doesn't embrace this idea.

Simon James x

I'm still not smoking. 3 weeks, 1 day.

I was thinking the same thing as John V: Cassette singles often used to be packaged in faux cigarette pack style. I think I had that very Therapy? single too (Stories, was it? Also came with cigarette cards featuring photos of the band in silly costumes), although the one that was popping up in my mind whilst reading your post was from Pearl Jam.

There was never anything nice about cassette singles, other than the fact that record shop bargain bins used to be full of them for 19p apiece … I suppose that doing interesting things with the packaging was an essential added-value attempt.

I like pockets too. They used to be detached from clothing - this was a drawstring bag called a poke...

I wonder if Poke (the agency) know that...
I imagine they do.

Thanks for that Russell. I'm visiting our new office for the first time tomorrow, and I've just looked and Magma is right around the corner on Clerkenwell Road! I think I'm going to pop in and get me one of those!

I loved your talk at Widgety Goodness by the way...


That's good. And CD packaging - the jewel box specifically - is surely amongst the most hateful things ever deployed on the general public. Compared to what wonderful things you can really do with packaging CDs, it says dreadful things about the record industry and public acceptance of it. (Personally, I only keep CDs if they have good packaging - the rest are ripped and chucked/sold.) But the releases on Rune Grammofon, Touch, Tzadik, Winter & Winter, Digitalis, Room40 etc. all live on. It probably would've made a bit of difference to CDs if they'd been packaged more creatively on a grand scale (as per vinyl) - but more positively, it also shows that those creating beautifully rich physical objects as a music experience will continue to have business well into the future (as per books etc.) Losing the jewel box is just natural evolution, hastened by digital music, but the physicality of music experiences lives on.

These are awesome, I wonder if I can find them in the US.

(BTW your TrackBack seems to not be working it gives "1Trackback pings and Comments must use HTTP POST")

Some sweets do have a similar style of pack.

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