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Hi Russell. Thanks for both your posts on Long Live Magazines - good stuff. One thing that never ceases to dazzle me about magazine people is the passion they have for their medium and that really seems to have come across. There's a fantastic book if your interested: 100 Years Of Magazine Covers. Some fantastic individual gems in there as well as being a document of changing times:

Yeah, good posts Russell. And Arseblog is brilliant, yes.

the http://www.arseblog.com/WP/index.php has been my daily source of arsenal news, banter and hilarity for a few years, his weekly arsecasts are also genius. i was chatting very recently to someone about the 'cult of the amateur' view that we're dumbing down the genuine/official journalistic talent - i don't really agree - in the case of arseblog, it's his absolute passion and enthusiasm for the club delivered with hilarious honesty which shines through - i go there every morning without fail, get up to speed with any news, and always laugh loudly at least once. That's a great thing. I know it's a bit of a cliche but it is a proper 'for the fan by the fan' and i think that's where a lot of mags have tripped up, lost touch with their roots, lacking a clear point of view, low on energy and enthusiasm.
crickey - must be off..

That One Page thing is excellent.

I think Paul H Colman knows the bloke who writes Arseblog.

Thanks for doing these posts. I'm up to my neck with learning about fashion, with less time to graze, it's so great to have all this fodder to tap into.

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