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Hi Russell

Slight error on the Make: quote, it should be 'If you can't open it, you don't own it'.


Craig Smith
ps Please feel free ditch this comment once the correction is made.

You could have bought a K800i on eBay.

ebay is your answer to everything. But that's true.

But the painted 850 does look great.


A bit off topic (and the following comment is a bit ranty) but here is a brilliant website / viral you might want to look at.


They have made a brilliant website / viral out of UTILITY / office products.

Another kick in the teeth for those arguing for more 'brand utility' and less creative advertising.

- Cadbury's Gorilla: the opposite to 'utilitarian branding'.
- Nick Park's Creature Comfort ads for Heat Electric (UTILITY product)
- The Unison Bear ad (brilliant creative advertising for a trade union)
- modern car ads mostly anti-utilitarian in approach (Skoda making a cake to Julie Andrews singing a song from Sound of Music)
- Guinness (Surfer and other many other Guinness ads) 'opposite to 'brand utility'.

There are some products where 'brand utility' will always kind of never work such as: Guinness, fashion and so on. And yet there are UTILITY / highly technological products (and a trade union) that work brilliantly with creative advertising. And creative advertising is alive and kicking on the internet (Gorilla). And so on.

* Yes to 'brand utility'
* But no to 'more brand utility at the cost of creative advertising.
*And, yes to marrying, more, 'brand utility' with creative advertising.

I recently received a K850i as an upgrade on Orange from my aging but classic K600i. However, the awful buttons, bizarre replacement for a joystick and sluggish software meant I didn't really want to keep the phone. My options were: send it back, or use it for my own personal gain.

So, I swapped it at a phone shop in Wood Green for two brand new phones - a slimline K770i (for me) and a K800i (for my girlfriend).

Also, it's worth noting that you can load standard Sony Ericsson firmware onto any of their phones and get rid of the brand-bloat (and bugs) that operators add in their customised firmware. Google for "debrand sony ericsson" - this is not the same as unlocking a phone but is often done at the same time.

Perhaps some Gorkamorka vehicle decals? Ork logos are always good for modding.

Just don't use any Crimson Fist :)

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