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i can't get over how expensive the cargo ship fares are. was that a serious consideration?

Thats one of my NY's resolutions as well. It does somehow feel a bit more like an adventure when you take the decision to go by train, and pretty much everywhere is doable. The problem is time. For personal trips it is fine if you accept that the travel is part of the trip, but most of my wasteful air travel is work (Amsterdam and Nuremburg.) I am thinking about asking to meet in Brussels for the Amsterdam meetings. Nuremburg by train takes about 9 hours so will need a bit more thought.

Have you been using this site. Its run by a train enthusiast and is a quick way to work out how to get pretty much anywhere without flying in Europe or further.


Indeed, looks surprisingly doable: http://www.seat61.com/Switzerland.htm#London%20to%20Geneva

Getting a price of about 180 quid in 2nd class at the moment.

The conference looks good, would love to try and go but 3 or 4 days out the office at a busy time is wishful thinking. I’ll be interested to read about the journey though. Everything in culture is geared up towards air-travel as a success indicator. It's going to take a hell of a lot of positive stories, experiences and examples of the alternatives to change that. A pretty tough nut to crack.

Hi Russell,

We are taking 6 people to LIFT by train. Tom is speaking about something broadly related to green thing, so we thought it would be a bad show to go by Easyjet... To offest the eye-watering cost of this harebrain scheme, we are going to build something on the way, so look out for our SSID if on our train.

Love yr blog - peak advertising cracked me up today in meeting.

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