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I think the most dedicated I have ever been while working was on a paper round. Two rounds on Sundays, I always came off the bike on the corners because of the weight. Yet still I did it all through the holidays in the snow and rain.
Adam Crowe tagged me with this blessing / curse, so My 4x4 will appear shortly.


DVR = Digital Video Recorder.
Great post, I love all the variety of your experience, and find cross-pollination is a wonderful byproduct.

My most recent adventure is Twittering, just wrote about my first seven days: http://tinyurl.com/2wnlts

I'm http://twitter.com/rickjulian follow me 'n I'll follow you.


I had a weekly paper round (in the mid 1980s) and had the same issue with one or two people thinking my headphones were some kind of hearing aid.

The fact you Delicious-ed "Let's Play Ukulele" referred 19 people this week. Thanks.

Did you know you can play with the Alpha and peep at a Ukulele Songbook based on your LastFM stuff?


Now can I have an invite for FFFFOund?!

I was introduced to Ben 10 (the live action movie) this weekend when baby-sitting my God son. Two things that I noted (other than the fact that it was rather good), firstly that it was directed by Alex Winter AKA Bill S Preston of Bill and Ted fame and the music was by Andy Sturmer, ex-lead singer of the tragically over-looked Jellyfish (Split Milk is one of my desert island choices)
Just thought it was an interesting coincidence that you mentioned the two things together

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