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Hell yeah. The scene in The Ipcress File where Palmer leans over Sue Lloyd, adjusts his specs and says, in his inimitable (actually, very imitable indeed, now I think of it) way:

"I am going to cook you the best meal you have ever tasted in your life..."

made an enormous impression on my twelve year old self, back in the day...

Interestingly, the hero of the early Len Deighton books was apparently from the North of England rather than the cockney Harry Palmer of the films, but it's hard not to think of Michael Caine when reading the books.

Great to see this sequence again. Amazing. Thanks.

One of my favourite films! A corker. I have the OST on vinyl, thanks to my friend Steve. Features a cymbalum you know.

The sheer style in that sequence - and Palmer in general - is far more appealing than Bond (who is overrated, and actually devoid of genuine style. Bourne isn't even worth mentioning in the same breath.) As well cool of his accoutrements (specs, hair, pencil, gun etc.), the shirt, suit and tie are also 50s/60s graphic designer as much as spy, so interesting to know that about Deighton's background. That the great Ken Adam was the production designer also makes a lot of sense. Ah you've made me want to watch it again ...

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