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I'll have one, Russell.

These are worth a read...



This is just a PR suggestion, but you could free "walks" around the best caffs in London, and maybe try and get them (the walks) listed in the Events sections of local radio and newspapers.

Also maybe do some point-of-sale for each of the caffs mentioned as the majority of people who are likely to buy the book are probably already using caffs. POS doesn't have to be too fancy. You might also consider selling the books through the caffs on a profit share basis.

Anyway, I would definitely buy up the stock before they are remaindered.

Oooh, Worker's Cafe on Holloway Road.


I've tried a couple of trackers although mostly focussed on sales from amazon.com. However: http://www.salesrankexpress.com/ can be pointed at the UK site, and I see they've added a widget so the sales rank can be made visible on a blog.

Charteous http://charteo.us produces fancy looking graphs ... but almost always in a dishearteningly downward direction...

Good Luck!

hey russell, i'd be interested in one of those books. how can i find your paypal?


Dear Mr. Davies,

How about addressing this situation?

"Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book."

Maybe if people can take a look at what's inside and get a taste of it, more of them will buy it.

It makes sense in my head...


Hey Russell,
I would love a signed copy of your book. A great valentines day gift for myself!

Going up!
EBCB is now n° 30901!

proud owner of an EBCB book since 2006.

I'll have one, but I live in Germany - you still willing to ship it there/here? (Not sure of my location here in blogland).

BTW, you can probably get the feed you need set up with Dapper: http://www.dapper.net/

Made a pledge to start supporting more entrepreneurial small business folks this year. I suppose you count.

Sign me up - mind shipping across the ocean? Happy to pay the extra postage etc.

I would love a book too! Although i'm also living in Germany and happy to pay some extra postage... where do i sign?

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