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Jenny Owen must speak.


Can't Wait!!


In my excitement I forgot to say that we must get Doddsy to speak

Yay! I will get a ticket this time round :)

Jenny would be good, although once she starts talking it can be hard to stop her.

I'd also like to insist on Tom Lewis-Reynier, he was hilarious last time.

Good afternoon.

Glad to hear about Interesting 08. By the way I have just opened an agency-informal-blog/wiki called "anythingcanbeinteresting" [http://tuttopuoessereinteressante.blogspot.com]
(sorry it's in italian) an the first post was about the 08 conference...
see you there

bugger. i hate missing out on things. but if i was able to shoot across the world for the day, it'd be cool to hear iain tait and swiss miss (tina roth eisenberg) speak.

Yes - Iain too.

Excellent. I think we should make John Dodds speak as well.
And Colman about marathon running or cage fighting.

This is a good question: Should the ‘hits’ from 2007 be cajoled into speaking again, or barred completely in the interest of doing something different?

Another question: Anything I can do to help? Apart from volunteering to speak. I don’t fancy that much …


I'd like to see Marcus speak, and Dodsy.

If for any reason you'd like me to speak again i'd be happy to, as long as I can make the date.

Count me in. Could we convince Jaime Diskin to speak about Neuroscience?

thats great news, would love to go this time. I was a bit late last year.

Also, I'm happy to help in some way.

I'd love to help out. And if you can't get that talkative Jenny Owen girl to talk, perhaps I could instead...
Looking forward to catching up.

Just since I know there won't be much space in the programme, could we conflate a couple of these and have Jenny & Doddsy cagefighting?

And I suppose I'll have to get some new pants done.

I'm up for helping at the very least - anything to get out of paying for a ticket.

And I'd like Rhodri back on his saw.

I missed it last year but am determined to come to this one - I'd be delighted to help out in any way that's possible, although I'm not based in that London.

Very happy to help out!

Might you consider webcasting some or all of the event for those of us across the pond that may or may not be able to make the trip?

Maybe through something like http://www.ustream.tv/

Would gladly help in trying to set it up. We could ask them to create some kind of dedicated space in exchange for the free promotion.

You are back! I'd love to help out with Interesting 2008, so count me in!

Another year, another clash? Damm and I was looking forward to checking out interesting this year round.

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