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Russell - quick one - Cheers for giving a great speech last night, really inspiring, I wish our clients could have been there, it would have hopefully given them inspiration to embrace these now and future technologies - your presentation was really good, really inspirational, and hit a lot of nails on heads with how were trying to move our business forward, it also put a smile on a lot of peoples faces - and not all of those were designers - yep even the suits were laughing - thanks again.

BTW - great work and all from a Derby Lad ;) - there's hope for all of us!

I would love to know what you thought generally about the new shopping centre - I had a good look round myself when I was in Derby the other week...

I really enjoyed the evening, and after a long hard day at work, it was great to have a dose of inspiration, fresh new thoughts and real thinking that I can take back to my business the very next day.

More importantly, I desperately need the clip with the Bonnie Tyler soundtrack and the animal spinning round to face the camera. Life is empty without it... Russell please send me a link!

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