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Your comments resonate strongly with me. I am now 28 years old, but I used to be 15, 16, 17... And all the way up to my 22nd year on this planet, I was working towards becoming a rockstar. Seriously. The band was the plan A. College was, well, just in case I ever needed to use plan B. Plan B seduced me and took over, and the band has not been active for about 6 years. Now, slowly, writing music has become something like what you are talking about. A slow project. For nights and weekends. I can write one song per quarter, and that's enough. Or I can go a whole year without touching my guitar. There's no hurry. And realizing that there's no need for anxiety anymore has been great. I don't even want a band as the focal point of my life anymore. I truly don't. I don't need it to define who I am (and, yes, I used to...). But the fact that I can work, with a best friend from my teenage years, slowly, on putting songs together... It's fascinating.

Off to take a shower. Then eat dinner and hang out with my girlfriend. And then, if I feel like it, I'll work on the latest song ; )

Oh, last point. Slow side projects are important. They give you a break from being productive. Like a vacation for the brain.

couldn't agree more. My little projects, some a year in, have been given time to grow and form properly. It's like gardening, you feed the garden every now and then and slowly it starts to make sense.

Also, love the comment above 'I used to be 15' going to be smiling about that all day.

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