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Excellent observation Russell, We now leave behind a trail for others to catch on to and stay in touch.

Amazing how technology plays a significant part in bringing and keeping us close and available.

"The Vapours of Ambient Intimacy" could also be the name of a cool new band. In Second Life.

I "dock" with some people after I join them on radio or television discussions. In most cases, I have never seen the other person but fell I "know" them from the preceding conversation. More often than not, they're a little surprised by the virtual handshakes.

nice docking shot. where's it from?

Exquisite description. How often do we undock in social space?

Lovely analogy. Thankfully we don't have to worry about getting the sequence right. No nasty exploding face symptoms if you do Flickr before Twitter!

Also, surely most docking procedures are now done by pressing 1 button. Someone has probably invented the social equivalent already - but after 10 seconds Googling I can't find it, so have given up.

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