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Any Jamie Cullum?

this is too cool.

big Uke event this weekend but can't go :/


sweet! i loved to listen to my housemate practising it, and he was a planenr. that makes three planners i know lpaying the ukulele, is there a connection?

russell, anything planned on someone hosting the next account planning school of the web? we would love to participate in one again!

I love the ukulele. I've been hooked ever since that fat dead Hawaiian fellow played and sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. I remember when I first heard that in the Virgin Megastore and then took it to work; the creatives thought I was pretty cool. Believe me, I felt cool.

I shudder to think how they'll manage Steely Dan or Einst├╝rzende Neubauten

This has made my day.

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