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That's def a fox, I've hit enough of those buggers in my car to know! Believe it or not but in some parts of Australia you get money for turning in a dead fox - they do a lot of damage to our natural fauna.

it seems scary to encounter a fox.

I have foxes at the end of my garden - they've been getting frisky lately (if you've never heard a fox's mating call, consider yourself lucky), so hoping for cubs soon.

Watchification opportunity: last year's excellent "Meet The Foxes" doc is available in six parts on YouTube, first one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa1GhdUqrnQ

The fact that it all takes place round the corner from my house in North London helps, but wherever you live, trust me: you'll be screaming at the numpties who want to shoot the little beauties because they keep eating their urban chickens...

I recognise him. He's a planner at Saatchi. His name is Dave.

I always look out for them too. They're getting tamer - I had one nuzzle my hand once:


I don't know about a kids book on urban foxes. But I can imagine Fantastic Mr Fox being given a 00s urban remix...


I can remember the horrors of Bunce and Bean to this day - transpose their features onto some SoHo dwellers and you're pretty much set.

I don't think Wes Anderson will go for the 'crack fox' (as seen in the Mighty Boosh) model for his film version of Fantastic Mr Fox.

A much safer bet will be on Bill Murray or Owen Wilson playing the fox, dry humour and pastel colours galore.

Foxes are great, I just wish they wouldn't make that 'eeeeeiiii' noise.



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