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Ticket bought. And this is exactly the kind of thing that *puts* me in a good mood, so we're off to a good start on that one.

Yay. Tickets purchased. Do you need helper monkeys?

Got ours. Lovely.

It'll be great Russell... we'll see you again in June!

Let me know if you need some Nonsense roadies too...

yes, I have got the ticket!
I am happier than when I have bought the first copy of "Sandinista" arriving in Italy

Once again a wedding is getting it the way of me coming along. I hope you have a great day.

I really wish this wasn't the same week as Cannes! Although, points if you did that intentionally.

Damn damn damn damn damn. That's mid-summer in Finland. The family wouldn't be happy to have me away those days.

Best wishes for the event.

Russel, it's very exciting that you're doing it again. We promise we'll whoop and whoop until we can't whoop no more.

I think I missed out. Any chance you will release more tickets? Happy to sit on the floor!?

It's already sold out? Wow. I wanted to fly over from Germany and attend it. Too bad. Have fun guys!


I've managed to double book myself on 21st June and have 2 spare tickets at face value for whoever emails me first (thomas.miles@bt.com)


Anybody got any spare tickets??? Last year was great fun and I want to come again.

Same problem here... Anyone else with tickets who can't make it?
Russell, is there a waiting list for latecomers?
Cheers, f

I have bought all the tickets and then I have burned them. I ate a few.

Oh fudge.

Damn, already sold out! It'll teach me to keep up to date with my blog reading - and/or not go on holidays, given I was away when this was posted ;o)

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