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I don't think I'm suitably placed to comment on how good the analogy is, but I am enjoying imagining the news footage of the running battles between police and ad-men in the resulting advertisers strike...

I'm reading a book that fits under this topic. It's called The Black Swan. The author talks about how change happens by massive and mostly unpredictable events and that these Black Swans underlie almost everything about our world. It is blowing my mind - mostly because he talks about things like Negative Empiricism and that despite our increasing knowledge, the future will be increasingly unpredictable.

Whenever I've looked into an argument that "tv doesn't work anymore" or "broadcast doesn't work anymore", what they're almost always actually saying is not that it doesn't work, but rather that it's simply too expensive.

Here is grist to your advertising scratching mill - if that makes sense


One agency revolution answer I believe is totally flawed and already being actively pursued by many is 'to make digital the centre of the agency'. After battling for 30 years to stop making 'TV the centre of the agency', isn't this just as bad?

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