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Count me in!




This sounds like lots of fun.

Here is a link to my muxtape:

I look forward to hearing the audio stylings of someone else as well. By the way, there is another online mixtape you can play around with called Mixwit. http://www.mixwit.com/

I really like the idea of making these physical. There is something special about the human effort that goes into creating a real mixtape. I thought about it so much I wrote a post about it a couple months ago here: http://southernplanner.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/homemade-mixtapes-and-the-beauty-of-effort/

What an awesome idea!

Hah this is awesome, the evolution of the mixtape is going in reverse.

first muxtape copies imeem.com/projectplaylist and strips out all the features to make it simple.

Then they impose 1 mix, 12 track limit, 10mb limits to reintroduce the constraints of tape space.

Now the only way to 'simplify' the process is to take it offline imprison it back inside a cassette.

Any idea how we can continue this process of devolving mixtapes?

this does sound like a great experiment...


Nate, stay tuned for my next project, wuxcylinder.com!

now i will have to dig up some apparatus to play that plays cassettes. Excited.


Lovely idea.
Gotta check if my ghetto blaster is still up in the attic at my mom's.


I did some experimenting with copying this setup and I believe I have managed to make an amazing discovery.

I typed
into my browser gizmo and *bang* it just worked with mixes from imeem.com

Even better by judicious use of the 'pause' button on the recorder I was able to 'remix' the muxtapes. Combining tracks from different muxes and even different sites. I starter with a track from one mux, then used the 'pause' attack to suspend logging while I redirected my input by heading over to imeem and finding a rare radiohead track before unpausing the recorder to add that to my tape-mix.

I hope wuxcylinder.com will also be compatible with imeem.com

What a great idea!

I'd love to be counted in too.


By the way, I like your muxtape a lot. Especially the Ukulele/Whistling song and the Sitting song ("You cannot sit up, unless your spine is funny.")

Go on then..



Fantastic idea.

yes please Russell
Im all for the spirit of slowness but i must just point out that last week i recieved a poster from my mother in Luton that took 5 months to arrive here in Brasil. a lovely surprise but id replanned and redesigned the living room on the past 2 months and the poster is now surplus to requirements.
is it possible to recreate the sound of computer games from cassettes downloading, aka jet-pac circa 1984 before the mix starts?
if you're already out of tapes ill bring some over from here when im back in London in the summer. Ill leave the choice of music to you!
All the best.

One for me, please!




iff you still have tapes!!!
Love the action your takin'

Wow! Can I join?


That's fantastic!


i'll be sure to do something charitable today.

I'll give it a go, but don't laugh at my music choice they're the only ones in my hard disk:


I want one! I love cassettes.

Well done you, mate.



Hey there !
Brilliant project :D

Here is one :


which is related to this project i recently did, which you may enjoy reading about / experiencing :


its a giant interactive virtual musical instrument simultaneously playable by 7 people from around the world using only their voice

ohhhh awesome - this is perfect timing as you always need tapes in the summer (driving in beat up old cars without CD players)- I'm in!


hi! I'm not going to load on another muxtape on ya, I got more cassettes then I could ever listen to!

Just want to say good on ya for doing something nice for someone else sometime.




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