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Hi Russell. which reminds me that in case you missed it Chris Vallance did a good piece on Broadcasting House a few weeks back on the quiz/google problem.

A few months back I was at one of those corporate offsite team-building thingies. A huge one, the entire marketing department and all the agencies, several hundred people in all. We all were split into teams for various competitions. And one of the activities was a trivia quiz. We were given 20 minutes to come up with the answers to a bunch of obscure questions.

But the organizers clearly hadn't considered the mobile google factor. You could hear the tapping of thumbs all around the room. So, of course, every team got perfect. But there was no actual teambuilding, because the exercise ended up just being people typing frantically on their PDAs rather than talking. It was kind of sad.

On another note, I caught your tweet on Friday as well and have had that song stuck in my head ever since.

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