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Pressing buttons too hard. Aaah the memories.

When I go back up home now to the amazingly beautiful seaside drug spot of Seaton Carew, I see young lads playing on the same Tuppenny Nudgers I used to play on (top prize of £1.60), playing in the same way I used to play them.

How to spot an amateur:
Presses the buttons in a random manner - timing, pressure and displacement of force all unconsidered.
Stance is normal.
When there's a random flashing thing, the select button is pressed randomly.
No baseball cap.

How to spot a Pro:
Presses the button with such a forced finesse, that he sometimes misses the actual button itself as he's trying to strike the button by hitting the slightest edge with the least amount of pressure possible.
One foot is always pressed against the baseplate - and it's usually a Reebok Classic.
When there's a random flashy thing, one hand is placed over the random flashing things as if to try and prove that seeing the random lights give you more chance of losing the computer controlled randomness.
A baseball cap is present 96.3% of the time.

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