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How COOL is that!!!! Best idea ever.

And can I just say it's wonderful to find another mac owner who isn't precious about their machine. My housemate was agast yesterday seeing that I already have two places where I've put electrical tape on my MacBook (I drop it a lot). This is such a great idea and I have a whiteboard in the studio so could easily use a market to keep a to do list on my laptop.

The more faint of heart could try a Speck See transparent hard case (I have a bright pink one actually): http://tinyurl.com/693g4z then just put the paint on it or use the whiteboard markers.

LOL!!! How true..despite all the high tech I still reach for my 2B
pencil when inspiration hits..it's still faster than any computer!

This is the worst idea i have ever seen.

You have just instantly voided your Apple Warranty because you cannot be bothered to use a piece of paper.

Better yet, did you think of the the chalk dust that is going to get in your computer when the fans are running.

Most people that actively use a laptop don't turn it off, all i have to do is open my laptop go to my widgets and type a note in stickies.

Pretty great idea. I fantasize about having a room in which EVERYTHING is covered in chalkboard paint.

But won't it all rub off into an illegible mess when you put it in your bag? Might work for non-mobile types but my mac is always on the go ...


(isn't that a problem?)

I think I have found a new way to customize my dull black Thinkpad. thanks.

what were you thinking> were you high? you just ruined your laptop. I'll give it a week tops until you figure out that it was a bad idea. DUMB!

Anything that makes a MacBook more usable in my book rocks. Thanks for the tip but must remember to not do this when wearing black.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. No wait. I think Ultimate Force with Ross Kemp on ITV1 was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. This is the second-stupidest thing I've ever seen...

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