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I feel proficient enough for ukulele, but I do also own a swanee whistle which I'd love to play better (so far it's only been really used for Clangers impersonations)

Hah, sounds like a lot of fun. Once upon a time, I was a pretty good flautist. I'll need to acquire said flute from Cheltenham, but then I'm good to go. +1 vote for 633 Squadron. (The flute part for Dambusters was a total PITA if I remember - just endless, hard, descending scales).

that sounds like a ton o'fun. and i think i still know where my flute is! although, from chicago, the commute would be a little long.


I actually used to play the flute but somehow I've forgotten how to do it. Not quite sure how that happens over time. Anyway, I spent last night making an instrument for my 7 years old's 'junkbox orchestra' project. We could have gone for the basic 'shaker' - a plastic tub with rice in but no, we made a guitar out of a cardboard box, complete with elastic band strings (in different lengths for different notes of course) and an exquisite neck fashioned from a cling film box, all finished off with a purple ribbon for the strap. If was a lot more fun for my daughter to play it having made it and understood how it works. I just hope she doesnt grow up to work in advertising and make anything like that bloody Ford Focus ad.


Included Brian Eno and Michael Nyman, founded by Gavin Bryars. I have an MP3 of Mr Eno talking about it somewhere...


Oh, my lordy, brilliant.


Not a chance in hell. School orchestra was the most vindictive, bitchy and unforgiving ego-fest that prepared me for a job in advertising. Besides I sold my oboe for more than I paid for it, which was some sort of cosmic compensation payout.

633 Squadron is a belter.

Senior Coconut does a mean cover of 'smoke on the water', definitely one to aim for.

If it's a one off thing, put me down for Trombone? If it's more regular I probs can't make it from Cardiff. But like most people, I've been meaning to pick it up again. Sounds like fun.

Familiarize yourself with Maher Shalal Hash Baz, at least for inspiration on the attitude part if musicwise! Best of luck!

This is a fantastic idea - I missed Billy Bragg's big busk but a burst of Waterloo Sunset makes everyone feel great. I'd be up for it.

i gave up the trumpet so i could go to art class instead. this is a great regret now i have a useless degree and no brass section skills.

Was about to Ebay my old saxophone, but fancy giving it a dust-off having read this.
I'm a bit rubbish, but would be up for having another go. Won't be offended if you need me to leave for bringing the band down.

Sounds like an over representation of the wind in the comments. How about hitting things? Everyone knows valve trombones are wack matt ;-)

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