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Here's the music we attempted to play during the Recorder Incident:

This is going to come across all nicey-nicey, but as someone who hates the fact he can't attend 'Interesting', I do love how I can feel part of it thanks to all the community involvement interms of pictures/videos/preso links.

I recently sat through a preso by a rather well known research company that said the collaborative element of Web 2.0 was dead, well this proves they were talking out their arse.

Well done to everyone [especially you Russell, whether you like it or not] and next year I'll bloody come if it kills me.

Well, maybe that's a bit too drastic but you get the idea.

Just want to thank you for using my photo, but most of all for putting on such a fantastic day.

It was like the very, very best day on Radio 4 (and listening to Midweek this morning also made me smile - such a similar format).

Looking forward to seeing everyone's output...

"... who said the collaborative element of Web 2.0 was dead..."

You're right. That's nonsense. The collaborative element is the whole point.

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