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Is that Ken Morse the rostrum cameraman?

Ah, Collyn is speaking. Cool.

Oops. Sorry. I knew I'd do something like that. It's not Ken Morse, it's Ken Hollings. Agh. Sorry Ken. Now corrected.

i also loved that from matt dent to andrew walkingshaw in 4 easy moves! genius..
i hope it is all a breeze!

I recognize Interesting isn't a "business" event per se, but I must say it's refreshing to see a speakers line up that doesn't feature the same eight people time after time (even if they are good). Wish I was in London because I'm sure this will be a great time.

Yes. Matt Dent, Matt Webb, Andrew Webb, Andrew Walkingshaw is very good.

What an ace day! (I haven't used that word for about 20 years I think)
Really excellent - so many high spots. Brilliant!


I had a great time, thanks. A worthwhile Saturday indeed, im full of thoughts, excellent presentations. Here are some pics I took during the day.


A rocking good time with remarkably few low spots


I wasn't aware of this! I've only just found out about it. I hope there's an Interesting 2009, because I'll be there!

Thanks Russell, that was awesome :)

Thanks Russell for a great day! Here is my Wordle! http://www.emakmafu.com/designspam/2008/06/22/interesting-08/

Thanks Russell, it was a brilliant day :)

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