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I had such an amazing time yesterday. Really glad I came over for it. The animations rocked.

Very interesting animations, a lovely addition to Interesting 2008.

Hi Russell,

Completely agree. It was brilliant. Thanks for putting on such an interesting collection of speakers and presentations - totally inspiring.

I thought the whole day was great - and I can't think of anyone on the planet who would not enjoy the zoetrope!
Thanks again for a great day!

That is very nice. There should be an award/foundation/government office for real-life special effects. Little low-tech things that could be placed in the world to make people happy and mystified.

Saturday was fab, I had a really good day. Thanks to Russell and Arthur, and everyone who arranged and helped out, it was great. Anyone know who made the cakes? They were amazing.

The whole day was brilliant. This was a high point, thanks for a really interesting time.

Can I join in the thanks giving. What a fantastic day.

Emma, the cupcakes were from Crumbs and Doillies and donated by Moo.com

C&D's blog is here http://www.crumbsanddoilies.blogspot.com/

This was fascinating. Thanks Russell for a truly wonderful and interesting Saturday. Loved every minute.

Russell, I can't say how much I enjoyed Saturday it was a real honour to be part of it and thanks for posting this up (and not before - I really must make some more loops!) and thank you everybody for your kind words.

I truly think that if you organised a day like this every week that in a year we would know pretty much everything one would need to know in life.

Can't wait to see it all again when it's posted up at the least to witness my sheer panic at 4 mins into my talk when i realised how bad I am at judging time (not a particularly good quality in an animator).

Those zoetropes were a particular highpoint of amazing, even in the middle of a day which was utterly jammed with it.

I loved everyone else's talks, I'm honoured that you let me take part - sorry I was so nervous beforehand! - and thank you so much, once again, for organising this. The only thing I've ever been to which was *anything* like it was last year's Interesting, and that says it all really!

What a great day, I brought my other half along and she had no idea what the whole day was going to be about ( I told her she'd find out why horses are scared of crisp packets, this didn't help)but we both had an excellent time!

There should definitely be mini-Interstings throughout the year,
thanks for a wonderful Saturday!

Thanks for a great day Russell. I have to say that Jims animation work was a highlight for me. A real visual treat. I'd love to work with him! get in touch Jim.

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