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Was listening to a BBC show on the World Service on the weekend where they interviewed "... blogger, futurist and writer, Russell Davies."

There I thought I was listening to you. Was I? Or one of the other ones?

Er, yes, actually that is me. Good point. Should probably be one of the other ones though. I wish they wouldn't say 'futurist'.

I like the rambling posts, it's like the old days.

I can sympathise. Writing for a living really can kill writing for fun. Maybe your not-written book can join mine in a Not-Written-Bookshop.

I also find writing for print weird. I'm not even sure Desktop has a letters section anymore. I feel like my words just go into the void.

Ramble on fella.

I remember getting paid to write words. Wasn't enough to live on. But there was something super cool about turning words into money.

Once I did gets paid to write some words about advermetising.

Mostly though I just do it have words somewhere I guess.

Is that your keyboard chief? You must use a lot of S and D.


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