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OH MY EYES. It's really white. That's weird, but really good after the initial shock. Makes you realise life without gubbins is possible.

I warned you about doing this.

I think I was right. But it's done now, so let's see how it goes.

Yeah, lack of gubbins is good. Makes you concentrate on the writing.


I think we're gonna see lots more of this in THE FUTURE. Everyone uses RSS anyway, don't they?

I like the re-design. Or should that be de-design? I'm a regular devotee of the church of whitespace, as you can see from the blog link. My navigation is hidden, but I've had quite a few comments about people missing the gubbins ... would be worth taking note of how people take to the change!

My thoughts is for old readers, it won't be much of a problem. It's new visitors that will come in and feel a little lost ...

it works for google

I like the change, I just don't know for how long...

Nice. Bit of a shock initially but liking the simplicity.

I'm a fan of the gubbins, and netvibes lets you see it all anyway, so I look forward to having it back.

There was gubbins ?? NOWWWWW you tell me.

Always been here via RSS but I swung by for a peek. Very white...

Gubbins is a great word, it's almost as good as smorgasbord

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