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Regarding getting the music "just right" you can never tell until you test it. The soundtrack of 2001 a Space Odyssey (the Strauss waltz when the space ship docks) was just tacked on as it was the only music they had lying around when they did the rushes. But when it was screened the critics raved about the choice.

Hi Russell,
I was at 2gether this morning, and just wanted to say that I enjoyed your presentation immensely (this is taking into consideration that I have the shortest attention span in the world!)

I'm a uni student - still clueless about what to make of myself when the real world rolls round, but your presentation was very inspiring, so I just wanted to say thanks :)

p.s. I didn't manage to write the Howard Gossage quote down - could I get it off you?!

Hey Russell

Brilliant presentation.

Any chance of making it available here?

Thanks a lot.

I can't seem to see the embedded photos on my browser - maybe it doesn't work on older versions of Firefox?

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