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I'd have thought that the Apple screensaver is probably Quartz Composer-based (that's how I'd have written it) so it might be quite easy to fiddle with, i.e. make bigger and less swirly.

Yeah, looks like it is, so I'd guess even if you have to take it apart and put it back together again it wouldn't take long to make a big full-screen legible scrolly RSS feed from it.

If you don't find anything pre-built to your taste, give me a prod and I'll put some of my time where my mouth is; I need a little project to get me further into Quartz Composer...

You can get a feed of your Twitter friends via RSS can't you?

There's got to be an RSS screen saver out there. If not it's gotta be dead easy for someone (else) to build.

In Safari click on the RSS tab at the bottom of your Twitter page. Add that feed to your Safari bookmarks.

Move that bookmark to the Safari RSS bookmarks.

System Preferences, Screen Savers, RSS... I'll show you.

Ben, you've not read the post properly have you?

Matt, that would be lovely, if you ever have a moment.

i'd love to see a twitter stream in an LED newstream type thing - like a mash-up of a jenny holzer piece and the NASDAQ.

You might be able to use Fluid (fluidapp.com) to create a fullscreen TwitterBrowser of your own.

Indiana University Informatics is doing something with this on an even larger scale. http://eniac.hopto.org/~whazlewo/publications/pdc2008.pdf

Well, I have a proof-of-concept that looks pretty good on my MacBook, anyway. The article describing what I did is here:


...but the full thing is probably of interest only to Quartz Composer geeks :)

If you want to cut to the chase, download the linked BigFatTweets.qtz composition from near the end of that blog entry, stick it in your Screen Savers folder as instructed, and throw it at your Twitter home page feed.

It really wasn't much work at all to get to that state, but it'll start getting exponentially difficult -- the last 10% of the job in getting it to update from Twitter "properly" and quickly will probably require 90% of the effort, so I'm not going to go there. Well, not yet, anyway :)

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