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Law school graduate here engaged to a lawyer with lawyer friends - generally speaking, Terms and Conditions are worded in the least "interpretable" language possible. The problem with friendly, witty, and winning language is it can be very open to interpretation, generally a bad thing in legal circles. However I'll ask around and see if I can turn anything up - lawyer fiance volunteers for the Artist Legal Outreach and they may have more approachable variations.

As a writer, I'm supposed to say that everything you write can be friendly and accessible, even the legal stuff. But when the lawyers enter the room, I think the writers generally have to make polite-and-tonally-appropriate excuses and leave. Even Innocent don't seem to be able to manage it. http://innocentkids.co.uk/magnets/terms-and-conditions.php

The best I've seen people do is to frame the legal stuff with a friendly apology and invitation to get in touch if something doesn't make sense.

That said, I've just done some quick digging and found this: http://www.webstock.org.nz/terms/

Not sure it would get past the lawyers though.

Maybe a good lawyer and good writer could thrash something out. It would definitely be a worthwhile exercise. Hope something comes of this.

Why not present a 'Summary' of the terms which is written in normal speak then put the full legal text underneath with the 'I Agree' right at the bottom.

like http://www.flickr.com/guidelines.gne plus http://www.flickr.com/atos/pro/

Ask Richard Moross for the T&C for Moo Studio - we had the same problem, and drafted something quite simple in the end. We also summarised it with natural language at the top.

YouTube's T&C are fairly clear, partly because they're written in very short, concise clauses, and well spaced on the page

Twitter used to have nearly no T&C - this has definitely changed, but they do quite a nice 'boxout' of tips to explain the legalese

Similar approach at Vimeo

When I was buying a flat some years ago my solicitor created an accompanying version of the lease that was written in plain English, so I had the deeply legal version and then the DVD-commentary version. It was massive help and deifnitely made the process considerably easier in every way. And he didn't charge extra, before you ask...

This is a Ts&Cs template that AIGA supplies for its members in the US (recently updated). Not especially brilliantly written, but nice example of open-source Ts and Cs. D&AD should do a version over here. http://ow.ly/B9VO

I had the misfortune to develop the mortgage T+Cs for a very consumer freindly brand. I think I spent the best part of 4 weeks of torturous sign off, many meetings with laywers until the early hours of the night and we still ended up with T+Cs that were about 70 pages long and that anybody other than a lawyer would not have the slighest. Since then I've put T+Cs into the boiling the ocean category and avoided like the plague.

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